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Vario Module Floor, suitable for Villa Tara

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Product.Nr. 90260

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Wide 115 cm x High 29.6 cm x Deep 38 cm
Interior (WxHxD): 108 x 28 x 36 cm
The Vario Module Floor:
The Vario Modul Floor (90260) is the perfect and space-saving addition to the Villa Tara (90250) to complement it with one or more floors. Due to the variable interior design the Vario modul floor can be arranged as a row of stores, as a cellar and garage or as an apartment: There are no limits to your creativity :-)
The Vario Module House:
In addition, the Vario Modul Floor can of course also be constructed and furnished as an independent room, e.g. as a classroom, concert hall, as a shopfloor or as a multi-storey house consisting of several Vario Modul Floors 90260, 90360 or 90560.
The perfect combination: The Vario Modul Floor 90560, which is identical in width but 10 cm shorter, can be perfectly combined as an upper floor with the Vario Modul Floor 90260 as a first floor. The result is a Vario Modul house - with an additional balcony, see picture.
The "Vario Module Floor" offers a room height of 28 cm. The division of the interior can be designed as desired by means of freely positionable partition walls. All rooms are accessible from the front and are not concealed by a facade front.
The Vario Module Floor: One Concept - Three Variants:

item no.

Vario Module Floor

dimensions (LxHxD)


matching Villa Tara (90250)

115 x 29,6 x 38 cm


matching the large townhouse (90350)

126 x 29,6 x 34 cm


matching the wall house (90550),

alternatively also usable as upper floor for the Vario module floor # 90260.

105 x 29,6 x 38 cm





Partition wall for 90360, with

Door cutout for the interior door 60070.

29,6 x 28,0 x 0,9 cm


Intermediate wall for 90260 and 90560, with door cutout for interior door 60070.

33,6 x 28,0 x 1,0 cm

Dust protection:
The Vario Modul Floor is designed in such a way that there is sufficient space in front of the side walls for a 3 mm thick glass plate to be placed on the floor plate. The glass plate is secured by means of a small screw, which is screwed into the ceiling plate from below directly in front of the glass plate. An appropriately cut glass plate, with polished edges, if necessary anti-reflective, can be obtained from the glazier of your choice.
Windows and doors for the side walls:
The two side panels have door cutouts in the standard for installation of the French double door (# 60110). With the help of various "MDF wood inserts", which are part of the scope of delivery, the size of the door cutout for one side wall can be adjusted in such a way that the following doors & windows also fit as an alternative: The "front door with pillars" (# 60050), the "interior door with window and skylight" (# 60180), the Victorian window (# 50160) or the Patrician Window (# 50170).
To install the large "entrance portal with side windows" (# 60130) or the large Patrician studio window (50210) simply enlarge the standard door cutout slightly. A detailed illustrated description of how to install the windows and doors is part of the building instructions.
Partion walls:
In addition, two partition walls are included, one without and one with a door cutout for the panel interior door (# 60070). Additional partitions, with door cutout, can be ordered under item number 90270.
Concealed wiring:
With the help of six enclosed flat strips, which are additionally glued onto the roof, intermediate spaces are created, virtually a double bottom, onto which an existing doll's house (Villa Tara) or alternatively another Vario Modul floor (90260 or 90560) can be placed, so that there is sufficient space for lamp cables to be laid (see picture).
Scope of delivery:
The kit comes with extensively illustrated building instructions, furnishing suggestions and all panel blanks made of MDF material (medium density fiberboard) for the assembly of a Vario Modul Floor The side walls, ceiling and floor panels are provided with precisely manufactured grooves, which guarantee an easy assembly of the Vario Modul floor. In addition, two freely positionable partitions are included as well as three MDF wood inserts that can be used to reduce a door cutout of the side walls, 6 flat strips and a tube of wood glue.
Shipping and bulky goods surcharge:
Shipping within Germany is without bulky surcharge.
For all other European countries, we charge a bulky goods surcharge in the amount of € 30,00, incl. VAT.
Due to the size and weight of the MDF boards we sell the kit only within Europe.

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