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Purchase on account (Paypal / Ratepay)
Pay on account in the online store - but secure!

In cooperation with PayPal and Ratepay GmbH we offer you "purchase on account" as an additional payment option.

If you have chosen the payment method "purchase on account", then this financial service is realized by PayPal - together with their financial service provider Ratepay. The due purchase price claim from your order, including any ancillary claims, is assigned by us to Ratepay GmbH in the case of "purchase on account". Ratepay GmbH is thus the holder of the claim. A debt-discharging payment is only possible to Ratepay GmbH.

You pay after 30 days at the latest directly - to Ratepay GmbH - NOT to Mini Mundus!

You will receive an email from Ratepay (Ratepay Customer Service) after the purchase with the Ratepay payment information, the Ratepay bank details and a reference number, which you must include in your transfer, because only then your payment can be assigned to the Ratepay invoice.

The Ratepay Terms of Payment and the Ratepay Privacy Policy apply, available at:


Why do I have to transfer money to Ratepay?

The purchase price claim due from your order including any ancillary claims has been assigned by Mini Mundus to Ratepay GmbH. The holder of the claim is therefore Ratepay GmbH. A debt-discharging payment is only possible to Ratepay GmbH. The Ratepay terms of payment and the Ratepay privacy policy apply, available at https://www.ratepay.com/en/ratepay-terms-of-payment/

If you have not initiated an order, you are under no obligation to pay. In this case, however, you are obliged to contact Ratepay GmbH and make the goods available for return:
To do so, please contact our customer support at: customerservice.de@ratepay-payments.de

Do you have any questions?

You will find answers to these and other questions on our "Frequently Asked Questions Page":

  • Why do I get this payment information?
  • I have not paid yet and want to return items. Do I still have to transfer the full amount?
  • I have entered a different reason for payment. What do I have to do now?

Other questions?

Questions about orders, cancellations, returns or quality of goods:
Email: info@minimundus.de
Tel: +49 (0) 6103 94890
Mon - Fri.: 09:00 - 13:00 o'clock

Questions about payment, payment terms or this email:
Email: customerservice.de@ratepay-payments.de
Phone: +49 30 98 320 86 05
Mo - Fri.: 08:00 - 19:00 o'clock

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