Small MODULE BOX HOUSE with Top floor and studio window

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The MDF kit consists of a MODULE BOX (# 90100) with front pane of real glass that can be slid open to the left or right, a panoramic top floor (# 90140) with removable studio window, a partition wall (# 90130) for the top floor that can be placed freely in the room and 150 pantiles (3 x 70040).

The module box houses can be extended in height as well as at the sides by further module boxes.

scope of delivery
1 x 90100 - Module-Box with frontglass panel (MDF kit).
1 x 90130 - Partition wall for the top floor
1 x 90140 - Top floor (MDF kit) with studio window and roof tiles.

The pictured interiors, lamps, dolls, windows (50471), curtains (50960) and doors (60070, 60071, 60311) are not included in the supply.

Customization: The second and third picture show another furnishing example of the module box. Here a red brick wallpaper was used and two window cut-outs were made. (Photo by @welcomeborrowers)

Small and fine detail:
The rear wall, which is offset by 3.5 cm, offers sufficient space to mount a distribution plate (22300) and the electrical installation.

Dimension of the house:
53 cm x 52 cm x 36.5 cm (WxHxD)

Dimensions (interior):
Module Box:  50 cm x 28 cm x 30 cm
Attic floor:  50 cm x 20 cm x 30 cm

Bulky goods surcharge:
The shipping within Germany and Austria is without bulky surcharge. For all other European countries, we charge a bulky goods surcharge in the amount of € 30.00 incl. VAT.

Due to the size and weight of the MDF construction kit we sell the kit only within Europe.

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product description

Small MDF construction kit for a MODULE BOX HOUSE with panoramic Top floor

Our MODULE BOX HOUSE is exactly the right choice for anyone wanting to start with a small house with little space requirement for the 2 rooms with the attic floor.

You can set up a pharmacy, small shop, café or perhaps even the Parisian Maxim's in the ground floor.

Moreover, our MODULE BOX HOUSE concept provides the flexibility to replace individual boxes for "renovation work or new furnishing" or relocate your residents from one floor to another.

You see ... Modularity knows no limits and thus offers you the basis for a hobby which you can pursue with enjoyment for many years.

The basic idea for the MODULE BOX

The houses offered on the market are too large for many hobbyists. They require more space than is often available. The fear also exists in certain cases that the furnishing of an entire house will take too much time and some of the many rooms will remain empty for too long.

The MODULE BOX concept now offers the option of starting your hobby with just one room. Several rooms can later be joined together in any way desired to create a 50 cm wide house with little space requirement.

The box is an ideal size:
The 50 cm room width makes it possible to use all of the parquet and plank floorings as well as the depth of 30 cm. The 28 cm room height provides a good view and is also high enough to set up a shop.

A hole in the ceiling is provided for the cable to connect a ceiling lamp. A 2 mm void exists above the room ceiling following assembly for laying the lamp cable downwards. The glass panel closes the room to protect it from dust. Depending on the arrangement of the frame, the glass panel can be slid open to the right or left.

Indirect lightning bars (20600):
A correspondingly wide flat strip (70591) is glued to the front glass panel of the Module Box to elegantly conceal the indirect lighting bars (20600). This has the advantage that the lighting bar lies freely after the glass panel is slid on and the light bulbs can be easily replaced as needed.

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